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I Graduated!

I did it! I finally finished high school after 6 long years. And let me tell you, I couldn't be more happy then I am at this very moment. 3 long months of a well deserved vacation a head of me, beautiful weather so far (let's hope it stays this way) and a trip to Ibiza coming up in September.

I graduated. On Wednesday June 27th 2018 together with my other 10 classmates and it was a beautiful day.

Everyone was dressed at his finest, their most beautiful clothes came out and smiles were all around because we were finally getting out of there.

Don't get me wrong, those years weren't too bad at all, but if you find yourself in this position right now, the position of being a high school student, you feel like you have to be someone that you're not, sometimes to fit in or just because that's the way it goes.

I definitely won't miss all the stupid rules we had to obey and the hundreds of tasks we had to do. But sometimes I feel like after all, I might miss it anyway... we'll see.

The show they put together for us was beautiful. The theme was 'The last 24 hours' and I really liked the idea. We got to see the funniest videos of teachers and students, confessions of other people and lovely words were said to us in general.

Basically, an amazing night with good people, good food and many drinks!


Lots of love,

Take A Shot Blog - by Sara


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