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2 Apps For A Pretty Instafeed

If you've seen my Instagram, you'll know I love a feed with matching pictures. I mean, who doesn't actually? The theme I have been going for recently is ~white~. Something most bloggers seem to like as it looks clean and beautiful. BUT matching all these pictures together and it still becoming the feed you want it to be is not as easy as it sometimes seems. That's why I use some apps to help me get it the way I want.

1. VSCOcam

This app is the one I use the most. It's got TONS of filters and options to create the picture of your dreams.

Let's show you an example:

This is the original picture I took. To be honest? Not the greatest thing, right?

Let's edit:


Filter: A6

Exposure: +2.5

Contrast: +1.5

Sharpen: +6.0

Clarity: +3.6

Dutch version:


Filter: A6

Belichting: +2.5

Contrast: +1.5

Verscherpen: +6.0

Helderheid: +3.6

2. Aviary

This app gives you many options as in making a picture blurry or to put a frame around it. I use it to make a picture whiter. You simply tap on the brush and you swipe along the picture and it turns whiter.

Now that is the photo I'll put in my feed. A big difference with the first photo!


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