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Personalized Gift Idea!

Even though Christmas is over now, it doesn't mean giving presents should be over as well. Maybe you do it too, but in our family we still give each other presents on New Years Day, that's mostly something small like fluffy socks, a new deodorant, etc...

If you also belong to a family that does this, you can spice it up a bit this year.

You can ofcourse also choose from backgrounds that are already installed in GoCustomized itself or you can use a picture of you and your family, your dog, your best friend.. the options are endless.

I then chose a text that would go nice with it and I simply went for 'Sara's Notebook'. You can of course adjust the font and colour to whatever you like.

Personally, for me, I would love to get a personalized present underneath the tree or as a birthday present because it's something you put a little more effort in and it's a bit more sentimental.

Create your own Notebook:

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