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Plant Madness

I can't deny the fact that I've been loving plants lately. They just look pretty and give that extra touch to your room or any room basically.

Not only are they pretty, they can also have a function in your room. For example this plant that I got is a Calathea Ornata, that probably doesn't say much to you, neither did it to me, but if you do your research you'll see that this plant clears the oxygen in your room. They also call it the 'living plant' because it closes its leaves at night and reopens them in the morning. It's really cool if you see it happening.

What's also pretty cool is that this plant is originally from the Amazon in South-America! I just love the thought of something that comes from across the globe is right here in my tiny room in Belgium.

Doesn't this plant look lovely? The fact that the leaves are a mixture of green and pink made me want to buy it. I kind of have an obsession with these colours.

I got this plant in Dille & Kamille for €12.50 which isn't that expensive for this beauty.


Whilst I was there, in Dille & Kamille, I saw another plant. A smaller one this time. Sadly I don't know its name or where it comes from and any kind of background information that may be useful, but I know one thing: It's gorgeous! Maybe not as gorgeous as the plant I just showed you, but it's close enough.

The only thing I'm still trying to figure out is how much water they need and how many times a week they need it. That's why I keep a little plant diary to keep it all growing and blooming.


I hope I made something spark inside of you to purchase plants and scatter them all over your room, living room, kitchen, etc..

If you've already got some lovely plants and happen to have some pictures of them on your Instagram, feel free to tag me because I want to see!

Hugs & (green) Kisses,

Take A Shot Blog ~ By Sara


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