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My Trip To: Malaga

Every year we go on holiday around the end of August, it's a tradition that will most likely never change. This years destination was Malaga, Spain. Before going there I had absolutely no idea what there was to see over there, but that makes it even more exciting doesn't it? We stayed in a hotel in Torremolinos called Pez Espada which is about 15 minutes away from the city Malaga. Let me show you in a map:

On our first night we went to Benalmadena, a city close to Torremolinos where we had some tapas, which Spain is famous for. Luckily my dad knew someone who lived there because finding a good spot to eat is very hard. He took us to a place that looked like a mini underground market, there were a lot of tiny little tapas restaurants there. We sat down in a place called 'Er Tapeo', later we went to another tapasbar called 'Meson Tio Blas', would recommend both as they were very good.




Mijas, a 'city' (read: village) about 400 meters above the sealevel. It's pretty small, but super cute! There are a lot of tiny little restaurants and there hardly drive any cars, people use horse and carriage or bikes to move around. This was definitely one of my favourite places we visited through thet entire week.

Restaurant Triana in Mijas.




Hotel Pez Espada

THE dish over there is sardines on some sort of barbecue, you'll see and smell it a lot.

If there's one restaurant you CANNOT miss it's Spice Grill. Delicious is an understatement. I myself had never eaten indian or mexican before, but let me tell you, I have been missing out. If you go there you should definitely order: Vegetable Nachos, chicken tacos (fabulous!), butter chicken (indian and wow), chicken fajitas... there are so many options. The staff is also very friendly and will happily help you through the menu.

Note: you can choose how spicy you want your food to be (mild, medium or hot), you get sour cream and guacamole with a lot a dishes (it tastes like heaven). It's not expensive at all.

Vegetable nachos and onion rings.

Chicken fajitas.

Crocodile Park. Very nice experience! You pay €16 p.p and €2 extra if you want a picture with a mini crococile, which is really worth the money! I did it and it was my highlight of this holiday, even though I was extremely nervous,haha. (I don't have the picture of me holding the croc digitally, only on print). There are guides walking around so you can always ask them questions and if you're lucky, you get to see the guides feed them chickens or anything else. It's really cool.

Shirt: Zara // Shorts: H&M // Backpack: River Island // Sunglasses: Le Specs




The best cocktails at Mahiki Beach.


Malaga City


To be honest, we didn't see much in Malaga itself, we went shopping since that's one of the only places you can actually find decent stores, but we did visit a resaurant with a very lovely concept...

So basically you get yourself a table and then the staff comes round with plates full of toasts with literally anything on it, from hot chicken to advocado and more. Really affordable, delicious and cute.

Thank you for reading!

Until next time,

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